Take a selfy speak out

Don’t mutter about clutter
Please believe it’s not butter

Always cry over spilt milk
Listen to music by aker bilk

Please joke about queer folk
And look for the embers left to poke

Then don’t let them walk all over
Your trousers your hat and pullover

But listen and read understand greed
So be yourself take a selfy speak out

wolves and the hounds

Life has allways around the corner
Got you another challenge to be had

But don’t let that challenge be your last
but let everyone be like the first

as profound as it sounds
in your life stand your ground

Because around the corner
are the wolves and the hounds

Do you?

Don’t stand to be counted
Count the people who count you

Don’t watch what they make you
Make a decision to help you

Don’t go to a doctor for your thoughts let your thoughts define you

But when they tell you to fall inline the question is do you ?

That’s Ed

He can’t talk
he can’t think
That’s Ed Miliband

He has know Idea
He does not know
That’s Ed Miliband

He needs elocution
or electrocution
that’s Ed Miliband

He won’t Help Workers
He will destroy the economy
That’s Ed Miliband

The queens hotel of York

Our trip to York was good,
We didn’t see Robin Hood,
Although in the hotel we where
Held up, and the prices in the pub

On arrival at the hotel queens,
We where all full of beans
Until the manager was keen
On making a big scene

Oh the redness of her face
As she was rude over
flooding parking space

So me I won’t recommend
The queens hotel to stranger
Or friend
but York is very nice
I would just stay somewhere else


Coffee is the root of all good
not rain not famine or flood

Coffee may make people fast
but that’s only if quantity is vast

Coffee may make people think
if they have a nice pastry and think

Coffee may make arguments end
if the drinker makes up with a friend

Coffee does your body some good
some doctors have said in the hood

Coffee I know could start war
but people still choose to drink coffee some more

Copy-rite March 5 2014