As earth disintegrates

Don’t think for yourself
No hope in your cell
The time will feel like hell
Pavilion of the past will happen

May make no sense to us
All the glamor and the fuss
No hope for anyone
As the planet destruction has begun

Can you hear your voice
Is it loud by choice
But then is it to late To stop
The human race

As earth disintegrates

So hold that candle tight

Darkness and light
Scared or a fright
Love or uptight
Hold the candle tight

No where to go
What do you do
See the flickering light
Hold the candle tight

Worry as you walk
Trembling to much to talk
Your going through a mangle
Keep holding that candle

This wasn’t as it seemed
It was all a dream
But you need some candle light
So hold that candle tight

Copyright Brian cee poet 23 Sept 2014

Trying to say goodnight

Why can’t you sleep
When your awake
Is it that time stays active
no matter what you take

You just cannot sleep
After counting sheep
What can you do
You just get no sleep

I want to close my eyes
Then just drift off
No chance of this happening
My sleep switch is off

Maybe I should write
A poem tonight
Then close my eyes
I’m tired goodnight

Copyright Brian cee poet 23 Sept 2014

lost somewhere in the Past

Watch the people rushing
To place their mark in the
Little square box

Watching the little rabbit
Stalking the big fat

Listening to the words
They tell us as we

They tell us what to do
and tell us where
to go

As our friends and family
Pass on we wonder

They tell us that they
Are in a place up in
The in the sky

But people now are asking
The question that they ask
But the answer is not here

It is lost somewhere in the

I bid you goodnight

An eary shadow
Walks the rooms
As we sleep at night

A flicker of a candlelight
Against the Painted walls
as I am passed by

Who is it in the hall
Who is it on the stairs
I hear a breath of air

I feel it on my neck
I hear the deepened breath
Who’s there

Who is it that we hear
When the floorboards
Creak at night

Whoever you are
Hello and I hope
you are alright

I hope the nights are
Not to dark
And I bid you goodnight

Copyright Brian cee poet

arrows then muskets

A bullet a bomb
Still man carries on
Poison or explosion
Still man has the solution

No matter what race
Or color of the face
Still war gathers pace
And mans in a space race

The riffle the gun
There is man at the trigger
They just follow orders
With pace and with vigor

So if anyone tells you
That mankind is good
Tell Mother Nature
And look under mans hood

There you will see
What man has become
With there arrows then muskets
Then bombs and then guns.

Copyright. Brian cee poet