Goodnight Goodbye Live On

Today I Died
I left no will
This gave my family
A little bill

But now I lay
In the chapel of rest
Some family have visited
Others just guessed

What I would look like
All made up
And the tears are shed
As my story was told

As I get ready
To become dust
I will then be sent to the
Place they must

Send my soul
To a place of joy
Where people go I say
goodnight goodbye live on

Copyright Brian cee poet

Coffee best drink of the day

I lay a wake it’s 3am
What can I do at this
Time of day

I am still awake
It’s four o’clock
What is wrong with the coffee clock

Wide awake still
It’s five am well
Coffee time it must be then

Well just woke up
With my coffee cold
It’s is now at seven thirty

It will soon be time
To wake and be Lively
so welcome to the day

So I grind the beans And clean the basket Place the grounds and tamper down Ad the hot water and drink

That’s the start of
Of the next new day
As I taste the coffee and remember

Coffee best drink of the day


In a heart is love
That grows in life
When you find
Your partner
husband or wife

In a life is a heart
Which beats fast or slow
Depends on
what In your life
You do or know

What you do in life
You must journal
As you go
Because you can not
Go back that we know

So remember all love
Remember all dreams
As your life will go faster
And faster
it seems

So then you lay
Peaceful they say
But how do they know
What you would do
Today .

Copyright Brianceepoet 2014

Mmm morning coffee

Just woke up
Time to warm my cup
Just to make my
Morning espresso

I’m spoilt for choice
For coffee that’s ground.
So French I will have
As i tamper down

The aroma is there
In the air
then the gurgle there
The liquid gold comes out

It’s like a shout
As it’s in cup
my senses
Wake up

as I place my lips
Around the rim
I tip the coffee in
What a taste
my taste buds Wake

My body elates
Mmm morning coffee

Guy Fawkes fear

Politicians tell some lies
And fool us with their
Truthful eyes

The have. Doctor of the spin
Who’s job is to make us
Elect them in

But it does not matter who you vote, they all fill the pockets
Of their own coat

But just remember when it comes
They will all be laughing
With their chums

Election election is all you will
Hear but this time they will
Be watching with Guy Fawkes fear.

Copyright Brian cee poet