100 calories (Nanny State)

100 calories only twice a day
No chocolate or Chrisps
you cannot eat today

Who has an idea like this.
this is the adults it is not
the kids

So the stars, and the
news readers let the news out,
just tell our kids to stop eating out.

Maybe we should join ve-ganuary
and all act good on a diet
but don’t forget the calories only 100 in it

So should we eat meat or fish
or carrot and letuce on a dish
Shal we realy know only 100 calories though

Copyrite Brianceepoet 04/01/2018


There is nothing left

It’s a funny kind of quiet
when the world has shed
the skin the people were in

It’s been a nice day
when the sun shone today
but their lonley eyes got in the way

as the birds were scared
away from trees and the fields
The queen of life stopes and kneels

So the lonley eyes see it
your lonley ears don’t here it
then your taste buds cannot taste it

It was there yesterday
but there is nothing there today
The end is on it’s way

So don’t try to pretend
that this is not the end
don’t look back look forward

there is nothing left

Copyrite Brianceepoet 19/03/2019

This is the Human Race

There are a lot of
depressed people in the world
But all the animals are happy

all the crying in the world
is done by the human race
but when you see an animal.

there are no tears on their face

as a monkey smiles at you
you laugh a face of tears
bus as the monkey sees you point

at him he points at you and sneers

So into space we send man kind
and the relitives in tears
as the spacecraft takes to the sky

They will be in space for years

So dont worry try not be depressed
don’t cry don’t you hold your face
because you will see that we are inlove.

This is the Human Race

Brianceepoet 14/03/2018

Lets all Laugh Again and Again

Hapiness has gone
but knotty ash will live on

Our frien doddy has passed on
and the Jam butty mines have gone

The diddy men are not tickled
and the audience are not pickled

The man who told us the jokes
has left us crying folkes

So this poem is for ken dodd
who has gone to tell jokes to god

So lets be tickled with the diddy men
and lets all laugh again and again

Copyrite Brianceepoet 12/03/2018

Issue 38 is online @ N

The human race it did not last

empty plate open gate
no way to walk,run or push past
The human race were
here last.

Empty tanks blown down walls
no building left
all after one big blast
The human race were here last

No sky No planet
no people no animals left
Maybe a space craft from the past
The human race it did not last

Copyrite Brianceepoet 09/03/2018

The Beast

The snow is falling once again
don’t fall over you will be in pain

Make a snow ball throw it up
Watch it fall and hear the thud

The gritters have worked all night long
Singing the Grit Grit the roads song

Although the grit has had no effect
Some people cannot get home yet

People sitting in the car eating crisps
Drinking tea, and eating mars bars

Let’s just sit and wait it out
The beast is here I can hear its shouts

Copyrite Brianceepoet 01/03/2018