Automated humans

Flying dogs
Self driving cars
Replicated food
Self closing bras

No more walking
Not even talking
Just strange communication
controls the population

Online profile
Facebook account
Bank on the net
Your in your out

Just remember
Who’s in control
Man or machine
Does anybody know

Poetry self written
With a free mind and pen
Talking to no body
We’ll will we be there then

Profile picture
Messenger message
Tweeting twitter
Pictured Instagram

All I can say
we R control
Your life Your Id
You and your soul

Co pyrite brianceepoet 2016

Now it’s new year time

Stripped old Christmas trees
Left outside bare
Pulled out crackers
No hats left there

It’s all just a memory
Left in the past
Of party nights karaoke
And worn coloured hats

So there are no more carols
Left to sing
It’s just another years end
And a years beginning

So we wish everybody we’ll
Hope you had a good time
Then the midnight bells chime
Now it’s new year time

Happy 2016

Copy rite

Brianceepoet 02-01-2016

hope for a good year

The new year approaches
With sadness and grace
As we put behind us
Gifts and purchases

The party cries will fade
As the year begins
The carollers think
Of the new year as they sing

The shop tills will ring
A lot less and early close
As people save money
For on holidays they will go

And as the sun rises
On the first day there’s a cheer
We say goodbye to Christmas
And hope for a good year

Copy rite
Brianceepoet 2015

Mr Trump

Don’t break wind
Please no Mr. trump
Just be gentle please
when you trump

People say it’s poisoned
The air when you trump
War is imminent
They say now Mr. trump

So don’t duck around
They say please Mr. trump
We have enough power
Please tell them Mr. Trump

Just don’t let them in
Tell them no, Mr. trump
Say no! Get out! Get
Go home Mr. trump

copyrite brianceepoet  9-12-2015

Crisp packet grass

crisp packet grass
pop bottle tulips
strong lager tin flowers
dog poo on the floor

straws and sweet wrapers
fill all the pavements
as the wine bottle hedges
and more dog poo on the floor

there are purple weed walls
with the crisp packet grass
pigeons magpies and more
and bird poo on the floor

so why do we do it
throw wrapers on the floor
leave bottles cans and more
and our dogs poo on the floor

© 2015 Brianceepoet