Poem Confound

When they tell you
the world is flat and round

that the world is safe then
whats the meaning of sound

When the moon is full
you will hear the hound

But dont you worry
and dont go to ground

Somebody will tell you
don’t wait around

The secret will be kept
in the cryptic poem confound

BrianCee Poet 2017

We Are Not Staying in

Tony Blurt stop Blurting Out
stop blurting excrement from your mouth

Tony Blurt ,who are you realy trying to fool
maybe you should just go back to school

Tony Blurt just take the exit
and stop blurting out crap about brexit

John major, you just but out
Your not the primeminister we got you out

Anybody else who wan’t jo join in
We going out of Europe Now!

we are not staying in.

Copyrite BrianCeePoet 01/03/2017

That is music to my ears

Whats on tv at Christmas
A load of rubish programs

Nothing to really watch
unless you like a pile of tosh

My mother inlaw had a moan
when jeremy kyle went home

So she had to watch no TV
and whent on and on to the wife at me

So Please if you are a TV producer
Think of the older generation

Also the ears of the son inlaws of the nation
Happy New Year thank god Jeremy Kyles back on

That is music to my ears

Copyrite Brianceepoet 2017

Two Zero One Eight

last year has passed and gone
the parties are not carrying on

People going back to work
To raise money for hollidays and more

AS the beginning of the year carries on
People will enjoy the ice and the sun

then the year will last again untill
the time for celebrations begins

then just like a christmas loop
People will start to look

To pull crackers and celebrate
Then it will be two zero one eight

Copywrite Brianceepoet 02/01/2017


You need them while you decorate
They can also be your shelves
Either high or low there even used by elves

You climb it as you work
they help get your windows cleaned
Even watching telly they were used for aerial erecting

So be careful getting in your loft
Or putting in your lightbulb because they can
Made from steal or even made of wood

They can be there on scaffolding
You can see them in a shop
Just don’t walk under them unless you want bad luck

Copyright briancee poet

Leaving behind old Ireland 

Lying here in Ireland
A lovely little place
We’re poets get their
Poem words for ditties every day

Looking at the winter sky
Feeling wintertime now
Getting the breeze from the Liffey
Across my glowing face

As we wait to go the airport
To fly across the sky
Leaving behind old Ireland
Goodby to family goodbye

Thank you Martin Alison and Amber

I sat there and listened
To music last night
With Martin my brother in law
The sounds where just right

Amber the dog was
chewing Some socks
as Paul Simon
From the stereo rocked

Me and Martin had Guinness
Served in a real Guinness glass
As Mary my mother I law had
No baileys just tea in a Tasse

Good night had by all as My wife

had some fine wine then my
sister in law Alison had some
baileys for me and her to try

Thank you Martin Alison & Amber
For the lovely welcome Into your
new home and I know there will be many more times we will come

Briancee poet 1st December 2016