No answers to be had

What is it for
The life that we lead
To buy a car
Take your dog out on a lead

What is it like
The life that you live
Good food to be eaten
Drink wine beer and get pisst

Why do you wake
In morning or night
Are you scared of the dark
Do you long for the light

What is the answer
I hear you ask
There is no logic or
Answers around to be had

Sorry to disturb you

Sorry to disturb you
But have you noticed
What’s going in outside
People committing suicide
Taking their own life

Sorry to disturb you
But do you understand
Why people get married
Have children then
The divorce comes next

Sorry to disturb you
Politicians do what they like
And people don’t try
To send them away
On an electric trike.

Sorry to disturb you
Have you forgotten
About the world wars
And the soldiers sailors and
Airmen who for us all died for

So please be disturbed
Please listen in
Please focus
Please understand
Sorry to disturb you


Black is dark
Dark is black

Turn to black
There will be no way back

Walk into the tunnel
But all is black

The end is in sight
But the end is black

But don’t worry about dark
And don’t worship black

Because black is black
And that is black

your end is black , also is black
don’t paint life black
as you will beckon the black

Copy-rite brianceepoet


A poem I must write
About everything
That’s white

Like some of the skin
We’re in, or clothes
We wear for the gym

Tennis or cricket whites
Daz or toothpaste
Teeth or white waste

It does not matter
What kind of white
The white of your eyes

Your uniform of white
The sky of clouds white
Oh go towards the white

The white light
The white elephant
Goodnight think white

Copyright Brianceepoet 2015

No love can be returned

When your away
Don’t forget to write
If your feeling sad
Don’t forget to tell

Then if there may be hurt
Don’t forget to reveal lt
When you haven,t taken the chance please tell the reason

When it’s all a mess
Try to tidy your love up
As love is like a room
There is all ways space for more

So no tears without Discussion
No love can be returned
As love is a given gift
Forever love is a friend

The Time The feeling The end.

There are no words
To describe the way I feel
No look to give
For the way you look

Then I have feelings to give
But no one to feel
I have confusion
To confuse me all that I am

But no matter what this means
I will make the plan
The plan to write words
That make sense at the end

And this is the place the time
The feeling the end.

Copyrite. Brian cee poet