Six twenty five

Six twenty five
The world is alive
Cars on the roads 
Busiest time for the hoards 

Six twenty five
Listen to the radio live
They tell us the time
It’s six twenty five

Six twenty five
Coffee made I’m alive
Rocking my taste buds 
With real coffee and crumpets 

Seven twenty six
Say goodbye to wife
Or husband and kids 
Get in the car start my journey to work 

Then at work I arrive
It’s eight twenty five 
Oh what a life 
Starts at six twenty five

Mankinds interference

The spring sunshine
Where has it gone
No flowers blooming
In the spring sun

The warmth of spring
Has not come
Instead we have hale
Rain and snow

Is it man kinds fault
For robbing the forests
Of all the trees
The plants and building on it

For firing rockets
In the air
For creating pollution

Or has Mother Nature
Had enough
Of mankind interfering
In her stuff

I suppose
We will never know
As it just gets colder
Here comes more snow

Through an open door

Cigarette packets
And coke cans on the floor
Empty milk bottles
by the door

The human race
doesn’t care no more
as they waste the water
And they fight more war

Broken bones all around
Bodies Beaten on the ground
The rivers of blood will flow very deep as the slaughtering army
Silently creeps

Does this have to carry on
Like a film but with no fun
As this war will never end
And the cleansing of hands will stop again 

Stop it stop them raging war
Drop a bomb scorch the earth some more the human race doesn’t care no more shout it shout it through an open door

If you believe in love not war
Let your friends, know it more
Be friends with your neighbors
Do someone a chore or laugh
And say you don’t care know more


<p>briancee poet 26 march 2915</p>

The money’s of parliament  Go missing again 

Politicians and politics
And wild wild women
Television debates
And who won’t be there

People have an election
Half stay at home
Then they go out with friends
And all they do is moan 

The economy the petrol price
Vat and insurance 
The crowds in the streets
Just cause nuisance 

So let the election
go with a swing 
While the money’s of parliament 
Go missing again 

Until the rot sets in

Take graffiti
of the wall
Pick the wrappers 
of the floor 

Arrest the robbers
Put them in a cell  
Find the radicals
Send them to hell

Is there an answer
Any where
Can we pluck
It out of the air

May be an antibiotic 
Into the earth
Or is it to late
And we cannot be saved

So let’s pack our belongings
Get ready for space 
And free the planet
From the human race

Then we will start 
All over again
Then let’s see how long
Until the rot sets in

copyrite briancee poet 10 march 2015

Goodbye his lamb goodbye 

The shepherd was very happy Because he had his lamb  
Then the people came to party All around his lamb 
It was not very long until They celebrated for his lamb 
Then wars where being fought In the name of his lamb 
Then all the people cried as he’d died as there was no more his lamb  
As the shepherds lamb had died Goodbye his lamb goodbye

The original public house

Public houses
getting scarce

The government overlook it
it’s getting worse 

Pubs are closing everyday
The buildings to be used in another way

Maybe a shop or maybe flats
Or maybe just rotting full of rats

So politicians please listen
We need some pubs to socialize in

Then people just help and shout
Save the original public house