Have peace thats my advice

War is around us
as people are shot down
all over the world
while humans are around

the human race has compasion
but they also learned to kill
as they go shooting each other
and passes bye are gone

So don’t let the fighting start
without and end in sight
we want no one more to kill
have peace thats my advice

Copyrite Brianceepoet 18/07/2016

A woman in number ten

A woman in number ten
can the country
go through it again

Somebody new in number 9
oh can they realy
get it right this time

Everybody is brexited out
so can teresa
get in and sort it out

So well lets see Teresa
have a go Keep your fingers
crossed and your toes

Copyrite Brianceepoet 13/07/2016


National heard of sheep
They help the each other sleep

National handy shops
Buy your real lamb chops

National hope of soup
The doctors have flown the coupe

National Health the service
Politicians are brainless

National Heath of Steve
Sarah Brian and neave

National Heath is sore
And in pain like never before

National health the sell
May become private as well

Copyright Brianceepoet 24 June 2016

A poem to my wife

A poem to my wife
who is the love
of my life

Some words
just to let her know
she allways has my love

When the morning wakes
I see her lovely face
and we have a short embrace

So this poem to my wife
means a lot to me
to write

So I can let her know
I Love you so

Copyrite Brianceepoet 17/05/2016

Europe Goes Out

Scheme and con
but the world goes on

In Or Out
whats it about

does anyone know
is it sun rain or snow

was this about time
or is it to late

Maybe you can clear
or have a clean slate

Don’t over think it
you won’t be able to milk it

Europe is no cash cow
Time we betta leave now!

Copyrite BrianCeePoet

Automated humans

Flying dogs
Self driving cars
Replicated food
Self closing bras

No more walking
Not even talking
Just strange communication
controls the population

Online profile
Facebook account
Bank on the net
Your in your out

Just remember
Who’s in control
Man or machine
Does anybody know

Poetry self written
With a free mind and pen
Talking to no body
We’ll will we be there then

Profile picture
Messenger message
Tweeting twitter
Pictured Instagram

All I can say
we R control
Your life Your Id
You and your soul

Co pyrite brianceepoet 2016