Crisp packet grass

crisp packet grass
pop bottle tulips
strong lager tin flowers
dog poo on the floor

straws and sweet wrapers
fill all the pavements
as the wine bottle hedges
and more dog poo on the floor

there are purple weed walls
with the crisp packet grass
pigeons magpies and more
and bird poo on the floor

so why do we do it
throw wrapers on the floor
leave bottles cans and more
and our dogs poo on the floor

© 2015 Brianceepoet

To my wife the love of my lifeĀ 

I lie awake and think of you
The things we have
And what we do

The life we live love we share
Is so special
even when I’m not there

So I always remember
the day we met
The dance we never had

Then smile and I know
Myself I’m not a dancer
Although with my voice I can sing

So I write these words
As I lie awake, because I want
You to know how I still feel today

No answers to be had

What is it for
The life that we lead
To buy a car
Take your dog out on a lead

What is it like
The life that you live
Good food to be eaten
Drink wine beer and get pisst

Why do you wake
In morning or night
Are you scared of the dark
Do you long for the light

What is the answer
I hear you ask
There is no logic or
Answers around to be had

Sorry to disturb you

Sorry to disturb you
But have you noticed
What’s going in outside
People committing suicide
Taking their own life

Sorry to disturb you
But do you understand
Why people get married
Have children then
The divorce comes next

Sorry to disturb you
Politicians do what they like
And people don’t try
To send them away
On an electric trike.

Sorry to disturb you
Have you forgotten
About the world wars
And the soldiers sailors and
Airmen who for us all died for

So please be disturbed
Please listen in
Please focus
Please understand
Sorry to disturb you