A Lymric a song

A lymric a song
A poem or rhyme
It doesn’t matter
This time as long as I
Here your name

A line of an ode
A name that’s in code
Your love and your hand
That’s in mine
All the time

Your on my mind
All I have to say
I’ll hold you more every day
I love you all the time
And your mine

So when you’re alone
Remember this poem
As I will say I love you
You are my love where’er
You are and whatever we do

Copyright briancee poet 26/11/2017 05:41


Our lloret holiday

We took a holiday
In lloret de mar
Never wonder’d Very far
as we arrived we had made a foe-par

When we arrived
At are apartments
We found them
On a hill

And as we had
A pram and wheel chair
It made us feel
quite ill

Well we had
A real great time
Up and down
That hill day and night

Took a bus to
Blames it was very bright
Then on to Finals
Where the breakfast was big and right

We bought some
Souvenir fridge magnets
And other gifts
As well

Then it’s off on home
After seven days
Then all of the family
Went our separate wats

Happy holidays to jack Jon
Ruth and graham
Also to my wife and mother in law
I love you all very much xx

Copyright brianceepoet 29 10 2017

Blanket Of Stars

No big bright city
to bring you down

No stresses or lives
in a sleepy little town

But you have protection
of the blanket of stars

No Noise or polution
Of Traffic and cars

Just lay back and know
that you are protected

There are pictures
that you and love have projected

But the blanket of stars
are there to protect you

As the singing birds
sing songs for the earth

Let’s hope that man kind do really care
As the blanket of stars will always be there

Copyrite Brianceepoet 30/08/2017

We are all born with our body

People can be rude
They don’t realise as they say

Comments about your body
or mention you and your weight

Is it right for people to laugh
at people no it’s wrong

But even Pop stars do this
with lyrics in their songs

So don’t ever forget we
are all born with our body

And it is upto the Human Race
To be compassionate with everybody

So we all live in Houses
Like birds live in their nests

So as Long as you are happy
forget about the rest

Copyrite Brianceepoet 25/08/2017

Catch The Tears

I hurt my back
as I lifted Love

I broke my heart
as I let her go

I cried a thousand tears
without her warmth

Then I was cold
when love was gone

But don’t forget
That love is there

As you hold the heart
and catch the tears

As love wil last
a thousand years

Then you breath
love in the air

As the sun creates
The atmosphere

Copyrite Brianceepoet 23/08/2017

I love the way I feel

As i feel your love surround me
Then the sun it burns your skin

here the rain around me
as I walk up the hill to find you

Then as I see your face
my heart it starts to race

You are my love always
the rain bounces of your hair

I know I am the one and my
love will take you there

So never forget the
way you make me feel

My love is yours always
and I love the way I feel

Copyrite Brianceepoet 21/08/2017


Picnic Picnic
But what about the rain

The suns Out The suns out
But here comes the rain

It bright outside lets go outside
Oh no its started to rain

I want the sun i want the sun
may as well go to spain

What has happend to our weather
all we have is rain

Copyrite Brianceepoet 13/08/2017